1. Four Seasons

    Mozzarella, ham, pepperoni, italian sausage, mushroom, capers, fresh tomato, black olives and basil
  2. Tuscan

    Mozzarella, capers, italian sausage, red onion, sun dried tomato, meat balls, spinach, red pepper and basil
  3. Portofino

    Mozzarella, tuna, anchovy, prawn, mussels, fresh tomato and basil
  4. Al Fresco Hot (V)

    Mozzarella, fresh tomato, red onion, fresh garlic, hot chilli, spinach, black olives and red pepper
  5. Meat Feast

    Mozzarella, beef, pepperoni, italian sausage, ham and meat balls
  6. Casa Specialitia

    Mozzarella, beef, pepperoni, ham, mushroom, sweetcorn, green pepper and red onion
  7. Inferno

    Mozzarella, meat balls, chilli beef, barbecue sauce, green pepper, jalapeno pepper, red onion and hot chilli
  8. Florentine

    Mozzarella, spinach, bacon, goat cheese, sun dried tomato and pine nuts
  9. Verdura

    Mozzarella, fresh tomato, artichoke, mushroom, green pepper, spinach, sun dried tomato, capers and basil
  10. Rustica (V)

    Mozzarella , red pepper, aubergine, green pepper, pine nuts, sun dried tomato, fresh garlic, red onion and basil
  11. Mexicana

    Mozzarella, red pepper, red onion, fresh garlic, fresh tomato, chilli beef, italian sausage and jalapeno pepper
  12. Four Cheese (V)

    Mozzarella, parmesan, pecorino and gorgonzola
  13. Tricolour

    Mozzarella, red onion, red pepper, green pepper, goat cheese, fresh tomato amd spinach
  14. Buon Giorno

    Mozzarrella, italian sausage, egg, mushroom, bacon and fresh tomato
  15. Nicoise

    Mozzarella, spinach, egg, tuna, black olive, sun dried tomato and red onion
  16. Vegetariano (V)

    Mozzarella, mushroom, sweetcorn, green pepper, red onion and fresh tomato
  17. American Hot

    Mozzarella, chicken, pineapple, sweetcorn, ham and red pepper
  18. Piccante

    Mozzarella, beef, red onion, hot chilli, pepperoni and mushroom
  19. Casa Pollo

    Mozzarella, chicken, pineapple, sweetcorn, ham and red pepper
  20. Creat Your Own

    Margherita plus any three toppings
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